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The Shave

Every mom has been where you are right now; excited that your daughter is growing up but nervous about giving her the right advice. There are going to be many difficult talks you have during your daughter’s teenage years but The Shave Talk doesn’t have to be one of them! So how do you make The Shave Talk a smooth one? Provide her with beauty tools and advice that will not only make her feel amazing, but most importantly, will take great care of her skin.

Hair Removal Options Hair Removal Options

Since hair removal is so new to your daughter, discuss her options. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and each has its pros and cons. With electric shaving, there’s no risk of cuts but it may not give her a close shave. Depilatory creams can smell and irritate her skin, and waxing can be incredibly painful. Options like epilator, laser hair removal and electrolysis are time consuming and pricey, so it’s no wonder so many moms and daughters choose wet shaving with a razor for a young woman’s first hair removal experience.

Choose the Right Razor Choose the Right Razor

Once you both decide that shaving is the best choice, find the perfect razor together. As you scan the aisle, we know protecting your daughter is priority No. 1 and her comfort really is priceless.  And—let’s be honest—sometimes you get what you pay for. With that in mind, be sure to check out Venus Embrace Passionista. It’s a razor your daughter will love for its color and design and one you’ll love for the way it cares for her legs. Venus was one of the first razors designed just for women and has always been engineered with her well-being in mind. Anything less is, well…less.

With a 5-bladed razor like Venus, you get so much more skin protection than a 2-bladed razor. The reason? Five-bladed razors distribute pressure across all five blades, creating less skin drag and decreasing the chance that your daughter’s skin will get caught between the blades. And if you’re worried about her handling a razor with wet, slippery hands, this should help: Venus razors feature a handle with SoftGrip technology, making it easy for her to hold onto in the shower or bath.

Protect Her Skin With Shave Gel Protect Her Skin With Shave Gel

We all go to great lengths to protect our skin. But if your daughter skips shave gel, she won’t be doing all she can to protect it. Shave gel creates a luxurious layer between the blade and her skin, locking in moisture and allowing the razor to glide with ease to protect her from nicks, cuts and razor burn. Shave gel can also cut out the guessing game, making it easy for her see where her blades have passed, stopping her from shaving the same spot over and over again. So help her pick out a shave gel with a fresh scent she’ll love like Venus with a Touch of Olay Vanilla Cashmere.

Words of Shaving Wisdom Words of Shaving Wisdom

Once you pass along all the right tools for your daughter’s first shave, she’ll still need your advice. We know you’re already a pro, but here are some helpful hints to pass along to make her milestone as smooth as possible:

  • Tell her to soak her skin for 2-3 minutes in the shower or bath. This will help to soften the skin and hair, making it easier for her to shave.
  • Encourage her to lather up with shave gel to make it easy to see where her razor has passed and to protect her skin.
  • Let her know she just needs to use a light touch and to shave up from the ankles against her hair.
  • Encourage her to rinse her blades between strokes to clear away hair and shave gel.
  • Remind her to change her blades every 5-10 shaves to stop her blades from becoming dull. Dull razors can actually lead to more nicks and cuts than fresh blades.

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